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Crop Insurance

Midwest Land Management and Real Estate Inc. offers one-on-one professional crop insurance to all landowners and farmers in our trade territory. We work closely with our insurance providers to ensure a smooth, stress-free experience for any landowner. We provide clients with accurate and current crop insurance information ranging from multi-peril to hail coverage.

Every farmland property requires a unique assessment to determine which type of insurance is right. For example, hail coverage protects you against a specific issue, whereas multi-peril covers a wide range of natural disasters.

Multi-peril crop insurance (MPCI) is a comprehensive policy that safeguards farmers against many risks that could negatively affect their crops or livestock. These perils include droughts, floods, and other hazards that can damage crops. At Midwest Land Management, we understand the importance of growing healthy, profitable crops; therefore, our insurance options offer a way to protect yourself when sudden negative events hurt those crops.

One hazard that you must protect yourself against is a swarm of pests. Local pests can invade crops, hurting the farm they invade by swarming the livestock. Make sure your insurance coverage protects you against such incidents so that you can worry less when an invasion happens on your land.

In states like Iowa, Minnesota, and South Dakota, where agriculture is a major industry, insurance plays a critical role in the success of farming operations. We specialize in providing insurance to farmers in each of these states to ensure they can find peace of mind. Whether freezing temperatures or invasive pests strike, crop insurance will prove invaluable when problems arise.  

Insurance Services

Providing the protection, you need against the unexpected

Farmer’s crop insurance options are continually changing. These options evolve to suit your specific needs, as those needs change year to year. Don’t get stuck doing the same old thing as last year, just because it’s simple. Protect yourself against weather-related hazards that will cause you to lose out on the profits you deserve.

We will help you understand which of our insurance for farmers will provide the protection you need against unexpected losses from a variety of unavoidable natural events that you can’t control. You can’t control the weather, but you can still take steps to protect yourself. You can control your crop insurance decisions to protect you against those unforeseen events right now.

This ensures you can feel less stress when the elements hurt your crops and, as a result, potential profits. Not only do MPCI and other forms of coverage provide farmers with peace of mind, but they also ensure stable operations, even in the face of unpredictable and often uncontrollable circumstances. Give us a call today to discuss your crop insurance needs in detail. 

Our Insurance Providers Include:

  • Rain & Hail
  • RCIS
  • Grinnell Mutual
  • Heartland