Insurance Services

One-On-One Professional Crop Insurance

Midwest Land Management and Real Estate Inc. offers one-on-one professional crop insurance to all landowners and farmers in our trade territory. We work closely with our insurance providers to provide clients with accurate and current crop insurance information ranging from multi-peril to hail coverage.

Insurance Services

Providing the protection you need against the unexpected

Crop insurance options are continually changing and your specific needs change from year to year. Don’t get stuck doing the same old thing as last year, just because it’s simple. Crop insurance provides the protection you need against unexpected losses from a variety of unavoidable natural events that you can’t control. You can control your crop insurance decisions to protect you against those unforeseen events. Give us a call today to discuss your crop insurance needs in detail.

Our Insurance Providers Include:

  • Rain & Hail
  • RCIS
  • Grinnell Mutual
  • Heartland